Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ach Ja, Bucky

So, two weeks ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday. The pub I chose for this event is the one pictured above. The reason I picked it will, of course, be obvious to everyone in Madison...since it sports a clearly plagiarized Bucky Badger as it's mascot. I came across this particular bar w/ accompanying picture on a random internet search. It's an "Apple wine" bar...featuring a nauseating fermented apple drink characteristic of Frankfurt. You'd expect apple wine to be really sweet but it isn't. Instead it tastes like something that went off after being left on a self too long, which, I'd bet anything, is exactly how it was first discovered. It gets more drinkable when mixed with Sprite.

For awhile I couldn't figure out how in the hell Bucky figured into all this, until I remembered that the word "Dachs" means "badger" (and "roof," for some reason, and is also the source of word "dachshund"...."badger-dog"....because that's what they were bred to hunt, if you can believe that. Explains why dachshunds are so damn mean, i guess, although in a straight-up fight my money would still be on the badger.) Dachs is pronounced like Dax. Dachs=DAX=Badger=Bucky. Get it?

Still, it's kind of an odd coincidence.

Anyway the people I had drinks with here had absolutely no idea why I was so fixated on the damn Badger, but there you have it.

It just tickled me to death the whole time. Thinking about how there were thick-necked men (and thick-necked women) all over the state of Wisconsin who would just die at the idea of Bucky drinking anything as sissified as a jug of apple wine/Sprite cocktails...at the idea of Euro-Bucky to begin with, really. A Bucky who sorts his trash faithfully, drives a Smartcar, sits down to pee (as is generally considered polite for both men and women in Germany,) and carries around his own bag for trips to the grocery store. Even right-wingers here carry the ubiquitous cloth grocery bags stamped with "Schützt unsere Umwelt" (Protect our Environment) and a picture of a 70's-looking cartoon frog kissing a cartoon turtle under a rainbow.

I'd like Euro-Bucky a lot better. I have a hard time imagining him joining a frat, for one thing. His politics would be closer to mine and he'd have an appreciation for art museums, sauna-weekends and dance music. We'd probably have a lot more to talk about.

Come to think of it, though, in a fight between Euro-Bucky and a Dachshund, my money might be on the dog.


Blogger birdfarm said...

ha!! that's hilarious!

There was just an editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal about how all the stupid American leftists want America to be like Europe, but that obviously doesn't work, because look at what a mess Europe is. Huh?

Sorry we missed your birthday... glad you spent it in style. :-)

10:57 PM  
Blogger jeremy said...

UW has taken to suing high schools that use Wisconsin's helmet logo (which is just the letter W, but in a font of its own), so maybe they'd want to haul this bar into international court.

In any case, happy birthday.

3:20 AM  
Blogger AK said...

OMG! I wish I had been there with you! We could have baffled your German friends together with our extreme enthusiasm for the badger! Of course, I am fascinated even with plain old American Bucky, especially when pictured doing laundry or other mundane tasks, but Euro-Apple-Wine Bucky is even better!!

Sooooo glad to see you blogging again. Missed you.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Billy said...

Well whattie do we 'ave here? An active Blogger, I did not know you were! Your Birthday, I sadly missed. Sorry, am I. Fun, it would have been. Far, I would have had to travel. Funny and intelligent, you are. A social constructionist, you always will be.
Take Care, you will.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one: Dachshase means "roof hare".

As in, we couldn't find any rabbits for food so we chopped the head, tail and front legs off of a cat and gave you that to eat instead.

They're anatomically similar, apparently.


4:11 AM  
Blogger Europa - News & Culture in Translation said...

Hi milchbubi,
By any chance do you know where to buy those cotton Schützt unsere Umwelt bags these days? I bought one in Berlin 10 years ago and can't for the life of me remember which supermarket it was. Thanks for any tips!

9:43 PM  

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