Tuesday, May 02, 2006

That which presently preoccupies me

These are a list of my current worries. Many, but not all, of them have something to do with the fact that I will be in Germany most of next year.

1. You would think that out of all of the problems one has when one goes overseas for a research stint, finding someone to take care of a cat for you would be the least of them. (They're CATS, for fuckssake!!!) You would especially think finding cat foster-parents would have been easy given the volume of petsitting I have been doing over the last 5 years in preparation for calling in just exactly this favor. You would be wrong.

2. Still, though, whoever takes them probably won't be willing to stand still in the morning and let Tilda lick the post-shower baby oil off of their legs (she enjoys that for whatever reason, plus it helps prevent hairballs!) or gently hold/squeeze Lola's hind paws in bed at night in just the way she likes while she's falling asleep.

3. Actually number two, above, probably doubles as a pretty good explanation for why I'm still single.

4. My German sucks. God it sucks. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've been studying it for years, but people who don't intensively learn a foreign language for the purpose of going abroad....and then actually go abroad to find out how fucking bad their speech and comprehension still is.....have no idea how much this complicates the whole process. Nightmares, people. Every night. Alienation, anomie...like something out of a Fritz Lang movie.

5. I'm growing my hair out, so right now I have a big-ass mullet.

6. Right now, I also have a big ass.

7. I finally got some money together to buy a wireless ("Airport") card for my computer. But then when I went to buy it, the DOIT chick was all like, "Oh uh, this computer's five years old. Apple doesn't MAKE wireless cards that fit this computer anymore, because right after this one came on the market they UPGRADED to the 'Airport extreme." And I was like, "Oh, thank you, Miss, for that useful information, and THANK YOU TOO, Steve Jobs, you FUCKING COCKSUCKER. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your strategic use of planned obsolescence to price basic computer technology even farther out of the reach of people like me." Now if I want an Airport card I have to buy an old one on Ebay. EBAY!!! And they're even more expensive now, used, than they were new before. Know how come? Cause now they're RARE.


Blogger brady said...

Ich kann nur ein bissien deutsch sprechen, aber ich habe ein Osterreicher in mein Gebäude. Sie helft mir mit mein..uh... Langwortstudeiren.

Damnit, it works a lot better when I can just mumble all the suffixes for words whose genders I never learned.

2:52 AM  
Blogger shakha said...

On the up-side of Germany, you may get to fuck Georg again.

7:57 AM  
Blogger A+ said...

I can't help with the other stuff, but someone's taking the damned cats.

10:05 AM  
Blogger astrid jane said...

Look...hooking up with Georg, that was a lot of work. I had to follow him around and, like, pretend to be interested in stuff he liked for two months. And he was really cheap, too...so pretending to like what he liked meant pretending to like sitting on the sidewalk OUTSIDE clubs where bands he wanted to hear were playing because he refused to pay the damn cover.

You know, people who are really hot get away with an awful lot of shit the rest of us would never even CONSIDER trying to pull. Nobody has ever wanted to sleep with me enough to sit on the sidewalk for two hours trying to hear some shitty band for free.

10:28 PM  

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