Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random notes 4/10-4/13

1. I rode my bike into campus on Monday for the first time this season, and I managed to crash it into something (in this case, the ground) almost immediately. This happened when I decided it would be a good idea to BIKE down a flight of three wide-ish stone steps instead of dismounting and walking them. I do not know what I possibly could have been thinking. I am not the sort of person who "hotdogs" (as the kids used to call it, back in the day) her bike down, or up, things. I think for about a second, as i went over the first step, I remembered those kids from the 80's Kool Aid commercials, perfectly guiding their Huffys and skateboards down a long flights of concrete steps or gracefully jumping them. (This is a job for KOOL-AID, OH YEAAHHH!) As a consequence of this lack of judgment I was late for Femsem and spent most of a Yen Le Espiritu talk picking gravel bits out of my palms.

2. Also, riding a bike is really tough on the ol' least until one gets used to it. I suppose men have the same problem.

3. I got an iPod, finally. It's black n' really pretty, although I'm kinda miffed you can't buy the multi-colored ones anymore. I spent about a year trying to decide whether I wanted an orange or lime green iPod once i could finally afford one, and now they don't make them anymore. (Honestly I still can't afford it, but finding out they can be used as digital tape recorders made up my mind for me. I most definitely need one of those if I'll be spending the next year doing German-language fieldwork, and you really can't beat the storage capacity or battery life of an iPod. Plus, you can't download and watch Futurama episodes on a standard digital tape recorder, or so I've been told.) Actually, I'm scared to take it out of the house now that I have it, for fear that 1. it will be stolen or 2. someone will grab it away from me and get an unvarnished look at the godawful music I listen to.

4. I am going to Lodz, Poland this summer! Poland...damn, man. I got a paper accepted at a conference there, and a grant to defer my travel expenses. Poland! Why am I so excited about going to Poland? I dunno, but I am. Poland!


Blogger jeremy said...

Poland is fun, especially if you like mushrooms (not the hallucinogenic kind) and the color yellow.

7:11 AM  
Blogger AK said...

Ooh, Poland! Land of my people! Well, my grandma at least.

The biking down steps without thinking first is exactly the kind of thing I would do (including the crashing and burning, of course). Like the time I had a horrible bike accident by riding directly into a very deep pothole. For some reason I thought I would be able to just skim over it. Not the case.

6:49 AM  
Blogger sep said...

and to think that I've seen you since this blog post and you haven't yet shown me your new ipod! geeze, i expected you 'd at least ask me for some music (not that I'd give you any, as that would be illegal and all). :)

2:59 PM  

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