Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everything I own is rubbish

Case in stereo. It stopped either rewinding or fast forwarding tapes. Who still listens to tapes? Me, because everything I own is shit. We've covered this. Everytime I need to rewind or fast forward something I have to drag my old boom box out of the closet, plug it in, and then stand there holding the cord in just the right position or else it shuts off. Rewinding and fast forwarding is the only thing my old boom box can still do, but I have to keep it around because of the thing with the stereo. The stereo only plays CDs about 1/3 the time, too, either cause it's old or because the lens is dirty.

Also, I just paid $400 to have my breaks replaced and the mechanic told me I need to get my second tie-rod end fixed. That'll run me about $200.

Okay, actually Shamus paid $400 to have my breaks replaced...and I think the check I wrote him to cover it bounced.


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