Thursday, November 17, 2005

request denied....

So I officially do not qualify for a personal loan. This is hardly a surprise. According to UW Credit Union, for someone with my income they'd only give me a loan if I had less than $5,100 in credit card debt. I have about six thousand in debt. Or $1,000 too much. According to my financial aid counselor this is actually not a lot of credit card debt, but then again, I do not make a lot of money.

My car insurance is about to lapse. My rent check just bounced. I cannot pay my Mastercard bill and its about 12 days till payday. Plus I owe money to everybody I know. Plus, my jaw still hurts and I'm starting to look forward to my evening Vicodin tablet just a little too much. It makes me feel like my veins have been filled with warm mashed potatos and worrying about money, and my dissertation, and the January prelim suddenly seems so, so silly.

And yet an addiction to painkillers never made anyone's life better...well, not in the long run. I know this. As soon as this dry socket resolves itself, I'm going to have to ask one of my friends to take that bottle of pills away from me and keep it for a little while.


Blogger A+ said...

You'll get through it. It blows ass hard, but you can always remind yourself of the mantra I repeat over and over in my head: "Just about anything reported in your credit file has a seven-year shelf life..." Seven years and we get a clean(er) slate.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Constance said...


Between you and everyone else I know... and the discussion on Ang's blog about what a masters/phd is worth on the market money-wise... I'm starting to feel structurally fucked (pardon the sociological terminology).

11:39 AM  

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