Sunday, November 13, 2005


I haven't written anything in months, but now I'm back. It's a Sunday night in November. I've worked all weekend. Its cold outside, I think, but I didn't leave my house today, so I'm not absolutely certain about that.

On tuesday I had three wisdom teeth removed. On friday I developed "dry socket" in one of the extraction sites. Tomorrow I'm going back to my oral surgeon for the third, but probably not final time, to receive the standard treatment for that particular condition. It is performed sans-anesthesia and, except for the fact that the modern dentist washes his hands before performing it, is strikingly reminiscient of dentistry in the Middle Ages. It involves a metal hook.

Tomorrow, if there is time, I will go back to my financial aid counselor for the second time to appeal their decision not to allow me to take out any student loans this year. This is the third month in a row that my rent check will bounce and my car insurance is about to lapse, again, for non-payment. I will cry in the financial aid officer's office, but they will most likely say "no" anyway. Then again, they said "no" last time, but I managed not to cry. Maybe that's what dignity gets you. Good thing I don't usually have very much of it.

It is going to snow this week.

I promised my landlords that I would have the now perma-stalled 1988 Chevy Nova that has been sitting behind my house since last November gone by the time the snow started. I tried donating it to St Vinnie's but even they won't take it.

There you have it.


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