Friday, June 03, 2005

Straight is the new pink

Recently, every bisexual woman i know (granted, I think there are only three of them) has experienced a temporary loss of interest in women and started dating men instead. I include myself among them.

Ordinarily, this is the sort of thing I'd never say (or write) in mixed company, because it makes people like Dan Savage, Pat Robertson, and my ex-girlfriend Dorothy's mother seem right.....that bisexuality isn't "real," that people can choose to be straight if they try hard enough...yadda yadda. Fact is, after sampling from the meager buffet of options available to me, I don't think there's a single box left in the Midwest I want to chow. Make of that what you will.

There were times in my life that I actively squelched attraction to men when i felt it, because i worried that it made me a bad lesbian (well...technically, if the criteria for being a lesbian is that you prefer sex with women, it does make me a bad lesbian.) Now, though...fuck it. My sexuality does not belong to the collective


Blogger sep said...

not to pick a fight or anything, but, while your sexuality might not belong to the collective the label "straight" does.

good luck with that one...

labels suck and i'm the last one in the world to give sermons on choosing or eschewing them, but they're also not up to any one of us... we can't redefine them individually.

why not just be who you are? a bisexual woman who chooses to sleep with men because right now that's what's available and attractive? i thought that's what being bisexual was about. but, it's certainly not "straight."


9:03 AM  
Blogger astrid jane said...

Actually, its just a play off of "orange is the new pink" or whatever. A joke.

10:59 AM  
Blogger dorotha said...

i'm sorry, i'm a grad student. can you explain "joke" for me? i new a guy in philosophy that was interested in studying humor? is that like a "joke"?

4:16 PM  
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