Monday, June 06, 2005

Polyamory is the new pink

Another bizarre email from the online dating community. This one from an ambiguously coupled man in South Texas and his ambiguously bi "not-fiancee" here in Madison.

Err, okay, this is easily going to be the silliest message I've ever sent anyone in my life.

No, I'm sure I've done worse. this month though at least!

Anyway, I'm not from up there, my not-fiancee is (weird story), and I was browsing around up there because we both have a fairly alterntiave bent, but also because she's always complaining she doesn't know any appropriately cool semi geeky people up there.

Anyway, came across yours, we both giggled profusely (you're an odd one), and I thought I'd say 'hi' at least! You're utterly fascinating. And no, we're not one of those 'couples looking for a sisterwife' types (though we're weirdly polyfi), it's just that you seemed really nifty and nifty types should unite and take over the world!

Err, but I ramble. I'd love to say hi, and so would (blank), either or both really. Plus you deserved some kind of compliment for combining amusing, eccentric, and sexy together so well.

Anyway, if you want to chat, either or both of us would love to

"Polyfi?" Is that like polyamory?

Ew. ew...ew..ewewewewew.


Blogger jeremy said...

Wow, we should experiment with putting your personal ad text with different photos of people in different cities and seeing how the responses we get varies.

6:32 PM  
Blogger astrid jane said...

Why would we do that exactly? So I can see that more attractive people than me get more responses holding all other things constant? Awesome. No, really, I'm not crying myself to sleep nearly enough these days...

10:18 AM  
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