Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Trolling the internet...

So, because I'm a glutton for punishment and am smarting somewhat from being rejected both by the Chubby Ewok and G.I. Joe the erstwhile professional killer, I've decided to dive back into online dating. I'm now emailing with some dude from up north who, while seemingly acceptable in most respects, just informed me that he's a mime. A MIME. Well, a street magician and "balloon bender" replete with whimsical clothing in the garishly colored multi-feathered hat/patchwork vest line. Maybe he talks during his act, I don't actually know.

Should 33 year-old single men even be allowed to roam the city streets in clown costumes looking for children? I mean, turn that into a "Law and Order: SVU" episode and the script practically writes itself.

I guess I'll have drinks with him anyway. Seems rude not to. Now he'd know it was over the mime thing.


Blogger shakha said...

Yo. How's this end up going down?!? Please tell me you went out with this guy.

There's nothing worse than being dragged to something you don't like by someone you're dating. Especially if they're really bad at it, or, if it's something you'd rather have explosive-d for a week than experience. So I keep imagining this guy inviting you to one of his mime performances. That would be great (for me).

11:39 AM  

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