Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Things I am not psyched about

1. One of my cats puked on a copy of this German magazine that I bought at Borders because it had a news article related to my thesis. I hadn't read the article yet, 'cause it takes me about three days to read a long magazine feature in German. Now the magazine has cat vomit all over it, but I have to keep it and read it anyway after the vomit dries because foreign magazines cost, like, nine bucks at Borders.

2. I had this sort-of date planned with this guy from another grad program here who I met through my Nerve ad. Not to sound all elitist or anything, but its been awhile since I've had a date with someone who successfully completed college (or even high school) so I guess I was looking forward to it. I mean...I'm getting my Phd, so I suppose I thought another grad student and I would have more in common is all. I talked to this woman who knows him today, though, and turns out he's a total sex offender. She said he "talks mostly to breasts" and is "really uncomfortable to spend more than a short time with," although on the up-side she described him as "nice-ish." I suppose I should find a way to get out of it now.

3. I bought a whole bunch of plain yogurt because I was going to eat healthy and lose weight by mixing up giant containers of my own yogurt with fruit and granola and eating them for lunch everyday. Well, newsflash, I didn't ever get around to it, and I had to throw all of that yogurt out today because it was waaay past its sell by date and was making my fridge smell really bad.


Blogger dorotha said...

um... may have more info for you for #2.

7:03 AM  
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