Friday, November 19, 2004

Why are you withholding sex? A poll for men.

Considering that most of my sexual partners strongly dislike engaging in sex, I thought I might attempt to divine why. Are you a man who doesn't particularly like having sex? Are you a man who generally enjoys having sex, but doesn't seem to like having it with me? Are you a man or woman who also dates a non-sex-enjoying man? Well then please feel free to contribute.

Why are you withholding sex? Please pick any that apply.

1. Mommy told me not to.

2. Too drunk.

3. Canadian Viagra shipment intercepted.

4. Jesus might be watching.

5. Selling all possessions, moving to Paris to become hired killer.

6. Girlfriend's boobies don't look like ones on the pretty ladies in the magazine.

7. Discovered doling out sex is effective head-game similar to doling out affection.

8. Still in the market for someone Asian.

9. Smart girls are a real cock-block, you know?

10. Have yet to find a woman who appreciates finer points of the Scandinavian Death Metal movement.

11. Would rather spend the time with Gamecube, joint.

12. Want woman no shorter than 5'9, no heavier than 120 lbs, C-cup bra or larger. Prefer redheads. Send all responses to Ray276, c/o "Personals" Long Distance Trucker Magazine, PO Box 23, Tulsa OK, 27609


Blogger sep said...

Oh, please, please, please make this a poll!!! It'll be so fun to stuff the ballot box on this one!!!!

sep (who's dedicated to writing on others' blogs instead of her own lately)

2:33 PM  

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