Monday, November 22, 2004

Today's clothes

Here's what I wore today, in case anyone wanted to know:

1 pair wool socks, beige.

Hideous "Merrill" type clodhopper slip-on shoes, shit brown. Very comfortable.

One pair of GAP Men's Jeans, 35x32. These are too big and have a medium size, almost perfectly square hole in the right shin. The hole has been there since June. I patched it once and the patch ripped out, so now its back to being a hole. It happened the first time I hung out with Georg in Germany. Georg is like this really hot guy that someone transplanted the brain of a Golden Retriever into. He's not stupid, he's just...exceptionally excited about everything all the time and you kind of want to throw a stick for him to chase whenever you see him. We were in this park with his friend Micheal, and there was this fenced-off construction area, and Georg was like "Hey, let's go climb that fence and play in there!" For some reason this seemed like a good idea to Micheal too, so before I knew it they'd both shimmied over the fence. Because I wanted Georg to like me, and because he seemed like the type who'd be into sporty spontaneous girls, I was site! great! what fun! So then I tried climbing over the fence too, but, of course, I'm not sporty. I'm clumsy and chubby. So I slipped going over the top, and sort of fell, except my pant leg got caught on the chain link. Then I couldn't go anywhere, because I didn't have the upper body strength to pull myself up and disentangle myself. So then I just hung there, insisting I was just fine, and I was coming down after I caught my breath. Of course I wasn't going anywhere, I was just hanging there like a big, fat purple-faced spider, until Micheal came over and pushed my ass up far enough that my pant leg came free. Then I was embarrassed, also bleeding. I still have a scar there, right under that hole. I need to buy new pants.

Green sweater, unflattering shade of neon green, actually. Wool.

Grannie panties, size 7, grey.

Uni-boob style beige sports bra.

Truely awful hair. Must get it cut but don't have the money, really. Worried my American Express card check is going to bounce. My checks often bounce.


Blogger Katy said...

You and your unflatteringly green sweater smelled really good though.

9:28 PM  
Blogger dorotha said...

hmmm... wasn't this the day that we dressed alike? and didn't we have a conversation about how we often dress alike?

i love the look you sport, autumn, and your tiny bit of extra padding just make you more huggable (i'm guessing here since you never let me hug you).

12:02 PM  
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