Friday, November 12, 2004

Mmm...old car smell

When people get into my car, the first question they usually ask me is "Jessica, what's that smell?"

That's a really good question, and to save myself the bother of having to explain over and over again, I'm posting a guide to my car's unique odor on my blog. To start, calling it "a smell" would be a misnomer, its really a blend of smells. My car is a 1987 Chevy Nova, so it's been around the block a few times (tee hee, pun intended!) It's been owned by God-only-knows how many different people, and sometimes it seems like each and every one of them left a little something of themselves behind.

1. Cat piss. Yup, apparently one of its past owners had one, and he sure didn't like going for car rides!!

2. Old Lady. I don't know if I could even properly describe Old Lady Smell, let alone guess what its made up of. Baby powder...B.O impregnated polyester....Egg Beaters?

3. Mildew. Someone ripped out all the fabric covering the ceiling awhile back. Looks like people started scratching their initials into the foam beneath it too...(it's a regular time capsule. I thought I saw Abraham Lincoln's signature up there, har har!!) Well, mold set into all that exposed foam and now it kinda smells.

4. Carbon Monoxide.....oops! Did I catch you??? Carbon Monoxide is actually odorless!! Car exhaust (which is part CO) isn't though, and, since my car's exhaust pipes fell off at some point, a lot of the engine fumes make their way into the cabin.

5. Vomit. Your guess is as good as mine!

Well, there you have it. Till next time, happy driving!


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