Monday, July 19, 2004

Return to the womb, plus soft jazz..

So yesterday I went to this thing in Berlin called The Liquidrom. The Germans are all really into this thing, which is, as it turns out, a sort of big indoor swimming pool.....except in a really dark room fitted out with the sort of slow, multicolored light-show you get at roller rinks during the couples' skates.  The pool itself was only about shoulder deep, warm, and filled with salt water.  Weirder was the fact that it was equipped with underwater speakers, so that when you lay your head back into the water you hear this constant soft new age-y music: whale sounds mixed up with a little saxophone, that sort of thing.  Also the salt content was high enough that it was supposed to make it really easy for you to just float without doing any work. It was very Uterine.  Like being the fetus of Enya, maybe.  
The idea behind all of this was that it was supposed to be relaxing, but I had a really hard time not laughing and constantly grabbing the people I was there with by the elbow and hissing "Christ can you believe this!  This is hilarious!  Its a room full of adult Germans bobbing in salt water to Adult Contemporary like giant pickles.  Fuck, I'm shitting myself over here!"  That was unfortunate because the acoustics of the room were such that random sounds tended to turn into strangely amplified echoes, so I had to shut up then and just bob. 
The rest of The Liquidrom was one of those typical European spa/sauna things where you're supposed to intersperse time in a dry or steam sauna with sudden plunges into a tub filled with gonad-shatteringly cold water.  That was actually fun and surprisingly relaxing in a way that the womb pool was not.  Also there was this really cool hot tub modelled after a tidal pool outside in this little walled-in courtyard.  It was surrounded by lawn chairs where you could order drinks or snacks and just lie in the sun.  Doing that after watching the disco lights playing slowly across all those people floating together in the dark water,  I could not possibly have loved Berlin more.     


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